Mobile Legends M4 Theme Song “Dare to be Great”

MOONTON Games just put out the M4 Theme song for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which is a popular MOBA game. This M4 World Championship would have a special event song called “DARE TO BE GREAT,” just like the M3 championships that came before it.

The official YouTube channel for M4 has a video of the song’s theme song. In it, there are 5 young boys who want to be great and fight against all odds and problems to get there.

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 Theme Song can also be heard in other ways.

Via In-game Sound Settings: If a player wants to hear the M4 Theme song while playing, they need to log into the game, go to the settings tab, and then click on the sounds sub-tab. In that window, players could see a list of all the songs in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Below that list is the M4 Theme song, which is called “Dare to Be Great.” Then, they can click “Play” to hear the music and read the lyrics in-game.

With the visit EVENTS Tab, players who go to the M4 exclusive events interface would hear the M4 exclusive theme song playing in the background. The M4 event would have a lot of great rewards, like the Beatrix M4, the Beatrix M4 Prime skin, a new special skin for Aulus, a new special skin for Paquito, and a lot more.

We can’t wait to find out which amazing team wins this year’s MLBB M4 Tournament. In the meantime, the vibes and lyrics of this song, which encourages teamwork on the field, are very interesting.