Minecraft user constructs fast cross-dimensional ice boat track

Another great Minecraft construction with a couple thousand upvotes on r/Minecraft. Today, we have an ice boat track that will take you locations in several dimensions. The course, created by Reddit user u/Koning DanDan and their cousin, uses ice and boats to accelerate participants.

It’s an old trick, but rising water columns, slime blocks, and more are used to create a track that spans the overworld, going underground and then out in the open across biomes, then into the hellish nether filled with lava, where riders perform a tricky and intense drift to the End (the dimension, after which we see the actual end).

Minecraft’s cool ice boat track

The developer said this creation took 4 hours, but their relative helped. The build utilized commands and a debug stick, but it shouldn’t detract from the work. If you’ve never built an ice track in Minecraft, you’re missing out.

This build joins a long list of players’ creative works, including an abandoned city, a rich and sparky urban city, Valorant’s entire game, Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule Castle, Axolotls as Pokemon, One Piece’s Onigashima, Doctor Who’s Planet Gallifrey, the Milky Way galaxy, Creepers celebrating Christmas with Santa Caps and beards, several recreations from Mario’s universe, Bloodborne’s dagger, and many others.