Genshin Impact player attempts Colosseum creation

A Genshin Impact player shared their Serenitea pot world, where they used the limited options in the Serenitea pot to make a Colosseum that looks very good. Aside from the main Gacha RPG gameplay in Genshin Impact, the developers added a lot of different kinds of gameplay, like the Serenitea pot.

Inside the teapot, there is a sandbox-style house-building mode where players can design, build, and arrange the teapot world however they want. They can also put their favorite characters in the world, making it seem like their character is living with the traveler.

The Serenitea Pot housing system is where a Genshin Impact fan shows off their creativity.

A Reddit user with the handle u/HEB AQW shared something they had made in their Sereniteapot world in a post. Even though there aren’t many building materials in the Teapot shop, the player’s world has a whole coliseum that seems impossible to make with what’s there. The user writes, “I tried to get into the Colosseum! Feels like it’s missing something because the load cost of those desert walls is crazy. How do you feel about it?”

So far, almost all of the responses to the post about coliseum’s take on Genshin Impact have been positive. People have said how cool the building and the inside are. Another player with the handle u/LuckyLupe said that Sereniteapot players are just something else and that the build of the player looks cool. The author also said that while the inside is mostly done, the outside isn’t quite done because desert walls have a crazy load cost. But another player said that it wasn’t missing anything and was just old as a way to cheer up the person who posted.

Genshin Impact Community liked how the game’s Colosseum looked.

Genshin Impact’s fans are good and caring, as shown by how well they responded and how well they treat each other. It’s not surprising that players help each other so much because the game is very calm and fun to play. Many other builds have been made in the Serenitea pot and posted to the subreddit. Almost every time, the responses are very positive words of encouragement and compliments about how great their builds are.

Candace poses with her spear and shield inside the arena, as seen from above. Gladiator vibes are everywhere, and it looks like it was built just for her. One Reddit user, u/Apprehensive-Search6, said, “Someone please hold a tournament there with Raiden or Nahida as the emperor, giving thumbs down.” This is a really cool idea that I hope Hoyoverse will pick up and use in future gladiator events.

One Last Thing

This piece of art by u/HEB AQW, which is a coliseum in a Sereneitea pot, is a very interesting take on how most people play Genshin Impact, which is to kill enemies, get loot, finish quests, and then pull more characters. This shows how much Genshin Impact’s gameplay has grown over the years since it was first released.

Also, it shows how creative gamers can be, especially when they have the chance to make something on their own in a sandbox environment, which Hoyoverse does a good job of. Hoyoverse has been adding more types of games to the Genshin impact, from battler Pokemon-style games to trading card games. As more fans play the game and old fans stay for the new game content, the depth of the game just keeps getting deeper.