Fortnite’s little New Year’s event

New Year’s event

Even though Epic Games hasn’t said anything official about a New Year’s event for Fortnite this year, it seems likely that the battle royale will have at least a small party. Some leakers found files that show there are resources for a New Year’s event. This means that something is definitely going on.

A few leakers have found files that have a big Loot Llama and the year 2023 next to them. This probably means that there will be fireworks. In fact, a video has been made about the whole thing. A disco ball falls from the sky, and everyone stops and dances for a while. It doesn’t look like anything special.

At 12 o’clock, fireworks start going off all over the island, and the word “2023” can be seen in the sky. That’s just about it. Nothing fancy, and it won’t be like the other live events where people have to wait in line to play.

Time Start

The New Year’s celebration will take place in regular games, and we think it should start at 12:00 am ET, making all items and weapons useless for the duration of the party. Once all of the crackers have been blown, the game should go back to normal and matches should continue as usual.

There isn’t much information about what else is going to happen right now, so players shouldn’t expect new quests or rewards either. The fact that Epic Games hasn’t said anything about ending Winterfest 2022 early or fixing all the bugs that break games right now means that nothing is really in the works right now.

Even so, there will be a small party because it was found in the files, so be sure to check that out. You can play Fortnite with XCloud or download it from the official site.